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Forgive me, what is a BioCard?

I just can't imagine a test like the one in the picture can be accurate to diagnose or rule out Celiac Disease, when it is often difficult to get accurate answers with blood tests. Does this product claim to diagnosis/rule out Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance as well?


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Thanks - I did not know there was a home tTG IgA test available.

I am glad you had a full celiac panel done. If I'm remembering you correctly, you had symptoms that indicate Celiac Disease - if all your blood tests come back normal it is a very good idea to remove all gluten for at least three months as this is often the best test to determine if gluten is the cause of your symptoms.

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It looks negative. I wonder how good it is at catching all celiacs? I've seen it said many times that about a quarter of all celiacs have false negative tests, that probably applies to the ttg IgA Biocard test too. There is a slim chance that you could still have it. It's a good thing you are going gluten-free anyways.

I also did the Biocard test and had a faint positive. It was faint but there was definitely a line. A couple of weeks later I did the real lab test and it was extremely positive; as per my experience, it's a fairly reliable test.

Best wishes with going gluten-free. I hope you feel better soon.

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