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Leaky Gut Probiotic?

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I have leaky gut, and when I take acidophilus pearls, I get dizzy, anxiety, an sick feeling. Why is this :( I don't have candida or anything, just leaky gut from gluten btw

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I have heard about this same thing when taking the "pearls" and I am not sure why that happens. Maybe they are very potent??

When I first started out, I used probiotics in powder form and used half a dose and worked my way up, as suggested by the company's owner. I had virtually no detectable beneficial bacteria in my gut upon testing and I had to rebuild that gut flora.

I started with a small dose in water, then, I did it twice a day, then just the full dose daily.

You may feel "icky" when introducing probiotics at first, but it goes away. Drink water throughout the day.

Hope you feel better soon!

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