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Macey's Utah

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For anyone who lives near a Macey's in Utah, this week they are having an amazing deal on Krusteaz brand gluten free waffles. I noticed an endcap of waffles stating they were $1 with the in-ad coupon and there were a few rows of the gluten free ones there. I verified with the checker that the gluten free ones are included and there is no limit on how many you can get. There seemed to be some confusion on whether or not you had to buy them in sets of four. So instead of buying 5 we just bought 8! :lol: Don't worry about the in-ad coupon thing, Macey's is really awesome about the checkers having them available at the check stand, knowing what to watch for and automatically getting them scanned in.

Oh, I should mention I noticed this kind of late in the week. The sale is only until the 22.

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