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Connecticut Doctor, Waterbury To Danbury Area?

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My daughter (age 22) is Gluten Sensitive, as discovered when her kidney disease (FSGS) went into remission as soon as she went gluten free. If she was accidentally glutened, she would spike on her urine test strips which we test every morning. She has tested negative for Celiac disease, and no I don't know which tests they did, and she is to scared of docs to ask! Her stomach has been bothering her since she went gluten-free (a year ago), and her gastro recently said she has IBS. She has not been eating much, so I would like to know if anyone can recommend a gastroenterologist between say Waterbury, CT and Danbury, CT, that has experience in Celiac disease. I can't imagine that she can't have celiac disease if we know Gluten causes her to leak protein, and causes scarring of her kideys?

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