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Staying In Hotels

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Currently being tested for casein...hoping that will come back fine so dairy can be had eventually. I have limited calcium and i really don't want to have to take supplements. I do have one i bought but haven't taken it. Most leafy greens are high in sals...thing is i was having broccoli (high in sals) and chewing gum (almost everyday and also high) a lot during that time and this pain would only hit me once a month. Weirdest thing. Not sure what caused it. But another thing I cut out was rice chex so i dunno if that could have been a culprit too/instead? SO right now..i'm eating boiled potatoes...lean ground beef...black beans....going to re-introduce cabbage next and then hopefully garlic...brussel sprouts....etc We'll see where it takes me as all those are low. Eventually i will work up to moderate sals...if i'm ok with that i'll try broccoli again. This will take a while but if i can get to broccoli again...eat it for a month and not get pains then i'll be at a loss for what was causing the pain unless something in rice chex didn't agree? I also have not re-introduced garbanzo beans yet but black beans don't bother me.

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Unfortunately the first half of my journey gluten free i never stuck to whole foods..i was eating amy's until september etc....so...it's been hard figuring out what my issues are suddenly.

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I can't eat rice chex either (dunno why) and no legumes of any kind, black, garbanzo or green, or lentils or split peas (or green). No corn, no soy, no nightshades, no lemon. We just have to figure out what works for us. :)


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Mold could be making you sick. If the air vent isn't cleaned then the dust you are breathing in can make you sick. I have found that if there is mold somewhere that I breath in, it makes me very sick.

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I don't think it's very common for there to be gluten in laundry detergent. Shampoo and soaps are another matter - I bring my own. 


I look for hotels with kitchens, or vacation condos. I am not comfortable eating out very much unless it's at a dedicated gluten-free restaurant. 


I bring a roll of tin foil and line any  baking sheets or whatnot before using. The first thing I do when I arrive is re-wash all the dishes and utensils. I don't use the toaster at all. If there are plastic or wooden utensils, I don't use those either. 

gluten-free since mid-2007.
Symptoms: "IBS," chronic fatigue, chronic pain. 

Celiac is a family affair for us; my mom, sister, and one of my sons are gluten free. At least it makes holiday gatherings easier. 

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