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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. While reading a thread here just now and some of the responses several people said that prescription and over-the-counter medications never have gluten in them is this true I had spoken to the makers of Advil years ago and they told me that gelcaps do contain gluten?
  2. I am sorry to hear that you still have no answers I agree with Ennis_TX rotating foods is a good idea I also test positive to allergies for the foods I am eating the MOST of and it has to do with LEAKY GUT SYNDROME and also YEAST OVER GROWTH. I do best grain free (i eat them occasionally) some other things to look at Silent acid reflux I get it bad if I eat too much dairy and for the lip numbness check out oral mouth syndrome / cross allergies I get that when I eat melon during ragweed season or nuts when the trees are in pollen. I can eat these foods any other time of the year. Blessings Diane
  3. I am sorry that you are having such a hard time I am diagnosed only about a year and half and am struggling also, I too have pain in the same places as you although not as severe. I am sorry that I don't have any answers for you but just wanted to give some support.
  4. Premio says gluten free on the package.
  5. Hi Just wondering did you try the ham? Has anyone else tried the ham.
  6. I loved this product before being diagnosed I was really hoping somebody was using it with success.
  7. I take levothyroxine from Lynette they say it's gluten-free. I'm 1 year gluten-free and my antibodies are down by half on some and normal on other tests. I'll be checking them again in the future if they don't completely go away I'll look into another thyroid medicine.
  8. Does anybody use Jay Robb Whey protein powder, its says good manufacturing practices are used to clean the equipment between lines ect ect Thanks Diane
  9. Hoodies

    Yes they do cook my 23 yr old daughter is trying but I caught her not washing her hands after handling bread. ughhhhh
  10. Hoodies

    That is terrifying so how can I be sure that my son and I are not being CC are blood tests the way to go and who runs them the Gastros office is not interested in follow up blood tests? The non-celiac's in the house are not willing to go gluten-free, I can't blame them but I have a lot of work to do I wish I could build myself a separate kitchen. lol wow Brandiwine I also have speech issues a lot of symptoms I've had I blamed on Hashimoto's thyroiditis. feeling overwhelmed
  11. Hoodies

    OMG did you really get a relapse from bring it in to your house? I'm new here I was officially diagnosed April 2014 after being told by a stupid gastro in 2005 that I was not Celiac, my son was diagnosed 2 months later. I had gastro symptom back in 2005 and went on the SCD diet for a year which probably contributed to the false neg after the Gastro had me eat bread for a few days (8) before the biopsy. After the that I stayed low carb since any increase in gluten (I thought it was a carb reaction) would cause gastro problem HOWEVER I always had Neuro issues which I didn't connect. Crazy blood pressure swings up and down the same with the heart rate way up and way down, small fiber neuropathy, spine pain, eye sight problems, anxiety, bladder issues, constant nausea which varied in its severity, severe fatigue, headaches that last for days . My son who had severe small intestine damage also had mostly neuro symptoms the only gastro symptom he has was that he got full really fast. So if you have any advice or would be so kind to share your story Im all ears. Thanks Diane PS I just tell people if I don't cook it I don't eat it - that seems to work for me.
  12. HI Solandra Can you tell me about your Neuro side effects, I'm new here and there is so much to learn the more I read the more questions I have. right now I have really bad sciatica down my right leg and all my pain relivers contain gluten can't wait to get to target. thanks Diane
  13. Thanks for the reply That is good news since I just replaced all my spices with McCormick now I'm wondering if they are GMO's haha can't worry about that right now.
  14. It is so hard to figure out what is causing what. Do you know if TJ's oats are tested or certified? Thanks Diane