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  1. Thank you for looking at the labeling. I'm guessing it was a reaction to the iodine because I have felt so bad for about 3 days since the ct scan. I've never had that type of reaction before. Thanks again.
  2. On Monday I had a CT scan done for followup with Bladder Cancer. I had an iv and was given 100 ml omnipaque 350. Could this cause gluten contamination issues? I've been very lethargic, bloated, terrible stomach pains. All I want to do is sleep. I did throw up the next day. But only 1 time....
  3. I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for about 12 years and follow a gluten free diet. What are the blood tests I should have done as a followup to diagnosis? I am scheduled to have some blood work done in a month for my endocrinologist for my T1 Diabetes. I would like to add what I need...