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  1. I take this for Ulcerative Colitis. Considered a last-ditch effort to control that disease when it won't respond to other treatments. This is an immune suppressant that can cause such serious side effects as kidney damage (and my testing results put me in stage one kidney disease) and perforated...
  2. I've tried a number of the brands listed above -- some of which are shamefully bad. But we located one that my husband (non-celiac) and I both love. Pizza Oggi by Oggi Foods, Quebec. We happened to find it in our local Grocery Outlet store.
  3. Lyfan -- Thank you for your detailed response. I'm so tired of the fear that is circulated on gluten-fee sites. It's bad enough to have celiac disease -- adding unnecessary fears is burdensome and adds to the perception that a gluten-free diet is just a fad. I'm glad that you pointed out that...
  4. Another concern for sushi -- the flying fish roe is brined in a solution that contains soy sauce. And the thing I realized, a ways into having to be gluten free, is that those free tortilla chips that come with salsa at the beginning of a Mexican meal have been fried in the same oil as batter...
  5. I'm so tired of "trademark protection" being used by one entity to harass other entities when the symbol or name is distinguishable. Did the GIG trademark the initials "G F"? Or a circle?