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  1. can I please have permission to use young Nick's analogy that he say's his little brother Jordan came up with? "My brother says that being on a gluten-free diet is like being in China with no noodles. He finds it hard and says he just wants to be normal. I say he will get used to it. Nick...
  2. hmm, that explains why I always have the urge to grab a club and bang something with it......lol
  3. it is magic.worked immediately on me. I'm going at the end of the month for blood work to make sure everything is up to par.
  4. have you considered your stomach issues could be drainage from sinuses? I saw you mentioned phlegm also. maybe a simple famotidine at bed time would help.ask a doctor.
  5. I'm going to do everyone that likes pizza a favor here. a little history behind it:when I was 14 years old our class of building construction students were so unruly that our shop teacher quit, and the principal did what any smart principal would do.he put us in mrs wileys home economics class...
  6. quote from article on meat glue(I put link to article at bottom of page) "If you want to avoid consuming foods that contain transglutaminase, it’s best to choose whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible. Be sure to refrain from the following foods: Manufactured chicken nuggets Products c...
  7. hmm, never thought about fake scallops. did you ever try any from a market that were 24.95 per pound and presumably real just to see?
  8. seems to me the safe choice would be to buy roasts, or have steaks cut at grocer.no need to glue a whole side of beef.
  9. take the gifts,smile and thank them,and take it to work and let others enjoy. or just let your family enjoy. you know you can't eat it, but I don't see a need to hurt the kind persons feelings.
  10. have you any side effects from the dapsone? it appears to me to be a rather harmless drug if you're not of Asian, or Mediterranean descent, or anemic. (a)"Severe complications include hemolytic anemia in patients of Asian and Mediterranean decent who have a deficiency in glucose-6-phosphate...
  11. below are links from an australian military study of the effects of dapsone on their men in viet nam. the were checking for instances of cancer,poor health, etc.because in the beginning all soldiers were given dapsone for malaria. https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files...
  12. glad you found your cure. now joepilk will have insights to go by. Ronnie d
  13. it's why I suggested the breathing test at the doctor. "whenever i play basketball or run or anything i start to get really bad nausea and whenever i eat anything i sneeze and feels like i have a sore throat after i eat and if i breath out hard i wheeze is this celiac causing this or...
  14. beverage from edgewood wa, my post was to joepilk, that started this thread Nausea after working out By Joepilk, December 27, 2018 in Celiac Disease - Post Diagnosis, Recovery/Treatment(s) "I have celiac and been gluten free for about 4 weeks but whenever i play basketball or run...