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Son Embarressed

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That is pretty funny! Good come back from a twelve year old! My favorite is my husbands grandmother. SHe just doesn't get it and never will. I have told her like three times in detail and she still doesn't believe me. She will act like she gets it one minute and then the next as if she never heard me before. She always asks me how I made it 30years without knowing it before. Well, I had issues before and no one goes around sharing all those with family, etc. One time we showed up for dinner at her house and I had to bring food for my son and I to eat, because I wouldn't trust her to make something for us anyway, even if she did "try". She said, "I know you don't like anything I make, so here is some peanut butter and jelly and bread!" Hello!

I don't care if anyone understands anymore. I have to do what is best for my health and my sons. If they choose to be ignorant, then oh well. You just have to let it not bother you. YOur sixteen year old son will get used to it with time. Saying it makes him sick to eat something would probably be good or that gluten is like poison for him. Sorry you had such an aweful experience. I think we all have had a few, but with time it does get easier I think.


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