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Looking For An Integrative/alternative Medicine Doc In The South Jersey/philly Region

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Hi There-


So, It's been 3-years since I was diagnosed and unfortunately, It's been all downhill since. Symptoms seem to be multiplying, not abating. Most recently, I was diagnosed with the early stages of hashimotos and prescribed a low dose of tirosint, which has made me feel very spacey, non-functional. I'm wondering if the extreme fog is any indication of pre-diabetes (have had slightly raised blood glucose level, in the 100 - 110 range for sometime) or adrenal (raised ACTH) function?  Anyhow, instead of trying to dig a little deeper, my endocrinologist recommended that I see my primary care physician. WTF? Is it so difficult for practitioners to pull-up their sleeves? While I have heard very good things about my endocrinologist, I'm disturbed that he is so willing to punt. This is is all new to me frankly, as up to 3-years ago, I rarely saw a doctor...which is maybe why I'm in this bind in the first place.


Anyhow, I have been to numerous specialist, none of whom have been able to provide a top down understanding of what the heck is going on here. They all (maybe understandably) operate within their own little tranche. So, I'm thinking of seeing an integrative/alternative/naturopathic doctor(s)...hoping that they can diagnose and treat what the other practitioners have not.



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Hi gifree,


I just found an ND in Sewell. Her name is Jennifer Phillips and she is gluten free herself. The visit wasn't cheap and I had some blood tests that were covered under insurance and micronutrient testing I chose to pay for on my own. I have iron and vitamin D deficiencies and am working to get a few more answers for things I have struggled with for several years after my dx. (6 years ago this month). If you need any more information I can get it for you!



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Hi Joni-


Thanks for the reply; sorry for the extremely tardy response. I found an integrative medicine doctor in collingswood that I'm scheduled to see in approximately a month; currently on Armour, but likely need to increase the dosage; also have read that while meds may help manage hashimotos, it's best to deal with the underlying immune response...which can be quite complicated -- diet, adrenals, blood sugar, etc.


Did anything come of your blood work and appointment with Dr. Phillips?  

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