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Confused By Test Results, Overwhelmed With Internet Search Results

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I am hoping someone can help straighten me out. I recently had a blood work up done testing many different things. Among the tests were the 2 iga and igg tests. My igg level was 1.8 ml, and my iga level was <1.2 ml. Then my pcp said it didn't appear to be a gluten intolerance, but I could try to lighten up on gluten intake to see if it changes symptoms.


My confusion is in what those numbers are, and if they are normal. I have seen many posts on here where people have had up to 5 blood tests followed by an endoscopy with a specialist to determine for sure.


Are these 2 blood tests that I had sufficient enough to rule out Celiac or gluten intolerance by my pcp, even though I have a family history (grandmother and 2 cousins) and many symptoms, or should I be asking for the more detailed blood work than just the 2 tests I had done?


Thank you for any input you may have.




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Welcome Kris!

I assume you had a tTG-IgA and tTG-IgG. Many doctors only run the tTG. The problem is without a total serum IgA to make sure you have adequate IgA there is no way to no if the tTG is accurate.

With familial history along with symptoms I strongly suggest you have a complete Celiac Antibody Panel. Should they all come back normal it is then time to remove all gluten for at least three months (six is better) to monitor symptoms. Elimination is the only test for Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. NCGI shares many of the same symptoms as Celiac Disease, without measurable antibodies.

Do not remove gluten or even "lighten up" until you are sure testing is complete as the tests measure antibodies created in response to gluten ingestion.

Another option would be to seek out a celiac specialist to have the tests along with an endoscopy as some folks never have positive blood, but the endoscopic biopsies confirm Celiac.

Here's the tests you want:

Total Serum IgA

tTG (Tissue Transglutaminase) - both IgA and IgG

EMA (Endomisial Antibodies) - IgA

DGP (Deamidated Gliadin Peptide) - both IgA and IgG

Additional tests:



Vits : B D K

Minerals: Iron Ferritin Copper Zinc

Good Luck to you :)

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Lisa listed everything you need to check out.  Good luck with it. :)


You might want to get hard copies of your labs too. You need a reference range to compare your labs to, and doctors aren't all great at interpretting labs so double checking can be helpful.  Best wishes.

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