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I just got back test results from my doctor.  I had done a gluten challenge but stopped after 5 days because I turned yellow.  Yellow in the whites of my eyes, yellow in my mouth, yellow hands and very yellow feet.  So I went to my GP for lots of tests:

My bilirubin came back in normal range, though.  My BUN level is low, which has to do with kidney/liver function.


As for Celiac, they only tested for IGA, Serum  152 (88-410mg/dL)  and tTG IgA AUTOAb  3(<20 U/ML)


Also low vit D and hypothyroid (which I knew)


So my question is:  Do I def. not have celiac since these are the levels?  Or is it invalid b/c I only ate gluten for 4 days before the test and had been mostly gluten-free for years?

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I would say it is invalid too. It can take a while for autoantibody levels to rise to a detectable level.


If you can stomach the gluten for about 2 weeks, an endoscopy might show something... I don't know if I'd risk it if gluten gives you such severe symptoms though.  :(

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