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Test Results Do I Have Celiac Or Not?

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Hi everyone, I'm really hoping you can help me I got the results back but I don't go to the doctor until Nov 7 and I would like to know if I have this or not so I can get my self prepared. Here's my test results....

Wheat IgG. .53 .3 to 1.5

Wheat IgA .66. .1 to 1.2

Wheat germ agglutinin IgG .69. .4-1.3

Wheat germ agglutinin IgA. .42. .2-1.1

Native & deamidated gliadin 33 IgG .61 .2-1.2

Native & deamidated gliadin 33 IgA. . .40 1-1.1

Alpha gliadin 17- mer IgG .63 .1-1.5

Alpha gliadin 17- mer IgA. .66 .1-1.1

Gemma gliadin 15- mer IgG 1.05 .5-1.5

Gemma gliadin 15-mer IgA. .41 .1-1.0

Omega gliadin 17-mer IgG ( equivocal) 1.05 .3-1.2

Omega gliadin 17-mer IgA. .51 .1-1.2

Glutenin 21-mer IgG. .39 .1-1.5

Glutenin 21-mer IgA. .54 ..1-1.3

Gluteomorphin + prodynorphin IgG. .57 .3-1.2

Gluteomorphin + prodynorphin IgA 1.22 .1-1.2

Gliadin-transglutaminase complex IgG. .56 .3-1.4

Gliadin-transglutaminase complex IgA .81 .2-1.5

Transglutaminase -2 IgG 1.05 .3-1.6

Transglutaminase -2 IgA. .73 .1-1.6

Transglutaminase -3 IgG .80 .2-1.6

Transglutaminase -3 IgA. (Equivocal) 1.24 .1-1.5

Transglutaminase -6 IgG 1.5 .2-1.5

Transglutaminase -6 IgA. .96 .1-1.5

If any body could help that would be great. I'm just trying to get better. Thank you.

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I have never seen a list like this...what type of doctor ordered the panel?

FWIW...all your results look to be within the normal ranges specified.

Good luck to you :)

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Those are a lot of extra tests if you are looking for Celiac Disease.  I hope you didn't have to pay for them all!  Or else they are for something else?  I would call the doctor and ask them now.

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