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Prevalent Countries/nationalities?

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I'm curious...


Has there been any research that shows certain countries or nationalities where Celiac is more prevalent than others?


I seem to hear a lot of Italian people with Celiac (me and my family included).


Let's start a poll! What's your nationality? And do you have Celiac, a gluten sensitivity, or a wheat allergy?

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It was thought for a long time that it was heaviest in northern European countries but some African countries have really caught up.


I'm of German and Russian/Ukranian decent. I've got celiac disease and there is celiac disease on both sides of my family.

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Until I read that Middle Eastern cultures were also affected, I could only explain the Irish or German lineage

on my Mom's side as possible contributing factors for me being a celiac. (I have 2 DQ2 genes--one from each parent)

My paternal grandparents emigrated from Armenia and my Dad also suffered from celiac symptoms.This article is really interesting because it discusses the world wide patterns that are emerging.

It causes difficulty in proper diagnosis because physicians in those countries do not see the neurological or dermatological effects--or high rates of anemia--as being celiac-related  and diagnostically significant (just like here, sadly)


"The literature has increasingly noted celiac disease in this region, with reports of high prevalence coming from average-risk populations in Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Kuwait.315"


Check it out! cool stuff.




Oh, I just remembered this! A while back, someone asked us to share our cultures, but it also became a discussion of our nationalities and it appeared that the vast majority of us were European descendants, with a few Middle Eastern cultures and Australian joining in the conversation.  Just if you are interested. :) 



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