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I am so sad!   :(


I was diagnosed in March 2013 and purchased some gluten-free (certified) quinoa for breakfast porridge.  I had not had any in a long time.  I reacted to the quinoa just as I would to gluten (pain in my actual stomach, rock feeling in stomach, body aches, irritability, etc.).  I figured that it was just too soon after my diagnosis and I put it away in my freezer for a later time.


I made my yummy banana, cocoa, honey, vanilla porridge last week.  Felt a bit of twinge, but nothing significant.  Made it again yesterday and I have sharp stomach pains, body aches -- the works!  


I know that quinoa is a safe gluten free alternative, but I guess I have an intolerance to it.  I am frustrated because I known for years (more than 15) that I have allergies and intolerances to milk, eggs, mushrooms, garlic and nuts.  I am tired of food intolerances!!!!


I will now give away my quinoa and stick to brown rice porridge when it's cold outside.


Does anyone else react to it?  I'm sure that my pot and the other porridge ingredients are all gluten free and there's no chance of cross contamination in my kitchen.



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Do you perhaps react to lower levels than tested for the gluten-free certification, or do you react to oats?  


The Chicago Rabbinical Council has an alert about quinoa being possibly contaminated with barley or oats: http://www.crcweb.org/alerts.php

" It was also recently discovered that some farmers cover their quinoa with barley and/or oats to keep the birds from eating the quinoa while it dries. "

"the sacks used to transfer the quinoa may have been previously used to hold barley or oats."


I have problems with some sources of quinoa while I have been able to eat quinoa from some other sources.

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