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Newbie Here (Need To Know Some Question)

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hello friends last month i knew i have a celiac disease...i got 54% percent according to Report...doctor says eat gluton free products...its totally new for me.. just buy some gluton free products..


my question is  everyday i smoke 2 ciggrate (not packet) so how much its affect celiac disease...did i need to quit smoking  now?? 


sorry for english.i hope you got my point


i feel bad becoz of this disease..any suggesation would be appriciated



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Welcome!  This forum is a great source of support and information.


There is a "Newbie" thread under the "Coping" section of this forum.  I would highly recommend reading it.  It covers things like cross contamination, foods to eat and to avoid, etc.  You don't have to necessarily buy "gluten free" food.  Just eat simple foods like meat, fish, rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables and fruit.  


Here's the link:




Smoking?  You already know it is bad but I don't think it's the time to give it up yet!   Concentrate on learning all about the diet and making sure you start to heal.  Later, you can quit smoking.   It's is possible to do so.  My brother quit once his company started to charge him more for health insurance.  Later, my parents who smoked for 50 years both quit too.  If they can do it, anyone can!!!!!


Good luck.  Ask more questions, we are here to help one another.

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Hi 3d,


Cigarettes do not contain gluten.  Concentrate on fresh foods and try to stay away from packaged foods.  In the Newbie thread you will see there are other precautions you need to be aware of to be Gluten Free successfully.


Ask all the questions you need to and we can help you with this transition.



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