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Hey Everyone,


Is a low IGA anything to be worried about?


Component Standard Range Your Value Flag TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA <4 u/ml <1   Value Interpretation
<4 U/mL: No Antibody Detected
>or=4 U/mL: Antibody Detected IGA 81 - 463 mg/dL 42 L GLIADIN IGA, EIA <20 units 4   Value Interpretation
<20: Antibody not detected
>=20: Antibody detected GLIADIN IGG, EIA <20 units 4   Value Interpretation
<20: Antibody not detected
>=20: Antibody detected RETICULIN IGA Negative Negative   RETICULIN IGG, SERUM, QUAL Negative Negative   ADDITIONAL TESTING   not indicated.   Test Performed by Quest, Chantilly,
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute,
14225 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151
Kenneth Sisco, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Laboratories
(703) 802-6900, CLIA 49D0221801 COMMENT 01   Not Indicated.


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I'm told it doesn't mean a whole lot but it did explain why I seem to catch every little cold my kids bring home.  <_<


"People with selective IgA deficiency are usually asymptomatic,[5][6] but can have increased frequency of infections, particularly in the respiratory, digestive and genitourinary systems, for example, sinusitis and urinary tract infections. These infections are generally mild and would not usually lead to an in-depth workup except when unusually frequent."





"How common is IgA deficiency in those with celiac disease?

2-5% of those with celiac disease are IgA-deficient, and 0.5-1% of the general population. If IgA deficient, or if there is some other equivocating factor to potentially compromise the blood test, then an EMA blood test is also given."


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For me, those labs are hard to read. Your IgA was a 42 and the range was 81-463? If that's right then ditto the previous posters: your low IgA will make all other IgA based celiac tests invalid. You'll need to run the IgG based tests. You should probably have more testing down as the tests they ran on you are pretty outdated. Almost no one uses the reticulin tests anymore and the AGA (anti-gliadin antibdies) tests are going the same way... out.


If you want more testing, ask for the:

DGP IgG (demaminated gliadin peptides)

tTG IgG (tissue transglutiminase)

EMA IgG (endomysial)


Then there is always the endoscopic biopsy and then a gluten-free diet to try.  


Best wishes.

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