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Can A Person With Celiac Donate A Kidney?

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Just wondering - I've got someone in my life who is looking for a donor.  



Hi Nikki.......my brother is now looking into kidney transplant surgery as he is a Type 1 diabetic and has been for years.  I believe he also has Celiac but I can't convince him it could be the reason his health is so poor.  I doubt any one with Celiac would be able to donate because doctors generally do not accept those with autoimmune issues.  Celiac's have a high alert immune system...overactive, so removing a kidney could stir up trouble.  I cannot donate blood because I have 4 AI diseases.  I have them all under good control, but I was rejected for donating blood due to this issue.


I hope that person in your life is successful in finding a kidney and becomes well again!  Good luck.

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Can someone with celiac disease donate blood, bone marrow or organs?

There is no reason why someone with celiac disease (in remission while on a gluten-free diet) can’t donate blood, other biological specimens or postmortem organs.

Not sure if they thought about non- postmortem organs in answering this question.

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I would not risk it, hon.


You would have to be on many drugs (pre- and post-surgery) which would seriously impact your gut health. Anesthesia often causes problems.


I would think donating blood is fine (mine was always rejected because of anemia) or possibly even a bone marrow transplant, but 

a surgical procedure and an organ transplant? Not a great idea.


Post-mortem, yes.

I am an organ donor and if anything in my body can help someone, I say,  have at it. .

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Yup...I agree, Irishheart. Some medical advice is wonky and not to be trusted. With an over active immune system, even under good control with the gluten-free diet, having an organ removed is asking for trouble. It's a total crapshoot and a path I would not venture down myself.

I was rejected for blood donation due to autoimmune disease. They do not like to take blood from people with these issues because donation could dump you into anemia or other problems. I suppose there are places that wouldn't take this into account but I am glad the woman was honest enough to tell me this. She appreciated the offer but said no. I can live with that...there are plenty of other people who can donate.

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