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Just curious if anyone who tried gluten-free before testing actually made it through a gluten trial. I was hospitalized after just 10 days of gluten trial and I had to stop for sheer survival. (had a TIA which affected my speech and made my right side numb, I really didn't want to go on to have a full blown stroke!)


It seems that my experience may not be that unusual, though many people last longer than 10 days!


Did anyone actually do a gluten trial and go on to get properly diagnosed? I was reading a blog post about someone who did a 2 month gluten challenge, suffered through really bad symptoms and went on to get blood tests--which were negative anyway.

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Yes.  I've seen many folks diagnosed after trial.   That said, I've also see some fail and wonder "what if" they had been tested before removing gluten.  It is especially frustrating when a doctor says to give gluten-free a try before pulling blood.

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