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Hey guys, 

I know I wrote something similar to this before but I have more information this time. 

I got tested for Celiacs disease back in September of 2012 and it came back positive, however, my doctor only did the IGA AND IGG test on me, he didn't do any other test. 

He then told me to go on a gluten free diet right then and there without any further testing. 


Now exactly 17 months later I did the same test over again being on a gluten free diet and my readings were all negative for having any antibodies. 

My question is this, since I only got one test and it was positive, is that in itself proof enough that I have celiacs disease or should I go on a gluten challenge?. 


Here are my readings in comparison: 



Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody:  My reading: 27.4 u/mL   (Normal reading is anything between 0-3.9)

Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IGG: My reading: 60.4 u/mL (Normal reading is anything beteen 0-5.9) 



Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody: My reading: 1.0 u/mL (This is because I was on a gluten free diet for 17 months)

Tissue Transglutaminase Aby IGG: My readoing: 7.1 u/mL (This is because I was on a gluten free diet for 17 months) 


I just want to make sure that I for sure have it or not but yet I don't really want to undergo all of this extra crap. 

Does this sound like it is Celiacs to you guys just by this one test?. 


Thank you





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Sounds like you have Celiac to me. You tested positive because you were eating Gluten. Your second set of test were negative because  your on a Gluten Free diet. I'd stick to the diet. Why go back to eating Gluten and get re tested? You have already tested positive. Sounds like your doing good on your diet. 

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What she said.  :)


What symptoms did you have before going gluten-free?  Did they go away?

Not all Celiacs have symptoms - I was one of the asymptomatic folks.  But if you had symptoms, went gluten-free, and your symptoms went away... That kinda confirms it.

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In 2012 your body was making antibodies against itself - definitely not a good thing. After removing gluten from your diet, your body is no longer attacking itself. Sounds like a great reason to continue gluten-free.

(I am in a similar situation. My GI doctor could not do a biopsy due to another health issue. The doctor handling the other issue was uncooperative).

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