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5 Years!

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Just wanted to say that it has now been 5 years since I decided to go gluten free. After months of bloating, weight loss, irritability, anxiety, feeling like crud after anything I ate, I decided that despite the negative blood tests I was sick of it! I told myself I'd try eating gluten-free for a few weeks and see what happened. By the end of week 1 I was already feeling better! I have never had an official diagnosis, but given its prevalence in my family, I have always concidered myself to have Celiac Disease.


Fast-foward 5 years, I'm doing 90% better. I picked up some addtional intolerances along the way, but the sacrifice is more than worth it if it keeps me healthy and happy.


Thank you all so much for your advice and support over the years, I don't think I'd be in nearly as good a shape without this forum. I've learned so much, and appreciate having a place to vent when things go bad. This is a lifetime commitment, and it can only get better.


Hugs to all



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Yay for you Pegleg84! 


Hey I think you look familiar! Where is it I know you from? Gardening site? I just know that I know you from another site. Not a gluten-free site. Pm me :) 

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