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Stomach Symptoms Beyond Immediate Digestion Of Gluten?

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Hi ya'll  =)


So, I was convinced I had celiac. I'd always had a "sensitive stomach," and when it became significantly worse after moving I didn't really give it much thought (beyond, "Ow!). Then I had a trip to Hawaii coming up, and I went paleo for the sake of a bikini. Poof! Stomach issues stopped. When I returned, I thought to myself, "Stomach issues are worth pizza, just this once," and sat down to a normal diet. Not only did the stomach issues return, after three months of paleo they were crippling. Vomiting, diarrhea, and this time, psoriasis behind my ears and down my neck and bleeding sores across my scalp. The more a cheated, the worse it got -- Sometimes it would include burning joint pain. When I went off gluten -- the symptoms all calmed.


Then one day the symptoms came back after rice noodles and spaghetti sauce. Then another time they came back after eating salt and vinegar potato chips.


Needless to say, I was confused and scared and went to the doctor. When I started my story he was already ordering celiac panels, but became wary when I got to the spaghetti and potato chip portion of the story. He then started to look my rashes and feel my joints and gave me a little speech about the possibility of Lupus and ordered nine tubes of blood to be taken.


Celiac was a lot to digest (no pun intended), and Lupus feels like just too much to think about. I never thought I'd be crossing my fingers and hoping for Celiac.


Did anyone here ever have stomach issues that extended beyond the immediate digestion of gluten? Ie, is it possible to get sick eating other foods if my stomach isn't healed from gluten ingestion? If the blood panel for celiac comes back negative, should I still push for further testing (I did inform my doctor I've *tried* to eat a normal diet, but the best I can really bring my scared self to do is a granola bar a day, or a few bites of my husbands pasta at dinner)?


Thank you for your stories and advice. My doctor is very open, but has me doubting the Celiac thing a bit now... 

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 If  your  tests  come back negative for celiac,  remember  you  could be  sensitive to gluten. But other things: gallbladder, H-pylori, gerd, hernia  to  think  of  a  few  other  things to  check....you also  can do  a  scope  with at least  four biospies... but  be sure  you are  eating  loads of gluten  for a few weeks....

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Keep a food journal. You may have intolerances to soy, dairy, nightshades, garlic (you would not catch me eating spaghetti sauce.... the tomatoes and the garlic, it is a killer!). I have known most of my allergies and intolerances long before my celiac disease dx.

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