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Ready Made Gluten Free Matza For Passover

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go to the Kosher and gluten-free section under baking tips and recipes, and you will find a recipe for making your own gluten-free matzah (and matza balls and other jewish holiday recipes). There is also a link there for commercially made gluten-free Kosher Oat Matzot (from England) I bought some this week (at $20 a box) - there is only one store in all of Chicago that carries it...I don't know where you live...Whole Foods stores used to have it last year, but they didn't order it this year (at least in Chicago). The oat matzot taste terrible (at least to me) - like stale whole wheat matzah - so I'm only using them for the seder.

For matzah meal, I grind up my own matzah...but you can also buy matzah meal by Paskesz that is labeled "Pesach Crumbs" these are made form potato starch - no actual matza. It costs about $3.50 for a 6 oz box - very expensive, I think.

anything that is labeling Kosher for Passover and non-gebroks is gluten-free - Non-gebroks means that there is no matza(wheat) in the ingredients.

Farfel is just broken up matza - so I would just make my own...I don't know of any pre-made gluten-free ones.

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