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Ultrassound Based On Lab Work..still Doesnt Think Celiacs Please Read!

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Here are Emmas lab results..shes had 2 endoscopys both negative..shes been eating gluten with no reaction..her GI doesn't think its celiacs since 2 biospsy have been normal. They ordered an ultrasound this Tuesday to look for tumors ;/


Platetes 502 (140-350)

neutrophils relative 11 (13-33)

lymphocytes relative 86 (46-76)

lymphocytes absolute 8600 (2185-6028)

AST 54 (14-36)

alkaline phosphates 179 (230-300)

TSH 4.90 (0.34-3.00)

TT AB IgG >100

TT AB IgA 2.5


I know a lot of you have been through the ringer and back with medical tests so in light shined on these results would be helpful!!!! TIA

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She has symptoms that improved with the removal of gluten.


She has a very high tTG-IgA.


She has elevated liver enzymes -- My bet is this number will gradually fall back to normal with time gluten-free.  Mine took about 18 months, but were a bit higher as I went un-dx'd for over 40 years.


Her TSH is high -- Thyroid issues walk hand in hand with Celiac Disease.  Has she had her Thyroid Antibodies checked?


I'm no expert in hematology...but elevated lymphocytes and plalets clearly indicates her body is fighting something -- get all tests suggested, but if she were mine I would remove all gluten now as she has completed celiac testing and had two endoscopies already.


Oh wait -- did she ever have:






If not, have these run before removing gluten again.


Once you are sure celiac testing is complete - remove ALL of it.  You will likely see the tTG-IgA, Liver Enzymes and Lymphocytes fall back to lower ranges with time -- again -- do not rule out any other things the doctors suspect -- she could have issue with gluten AND something else going on.


Hang in there Mom :)

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It might not be celiac disease, but she could still react to gluten. She responded well in the past going gluten free, right? The proof is in the diet. Like Lisa said, the others items might resolve on a gluten free diet. It is worth a try and costs nothing if you stick to whole foods. My cousin, an adult, tested negative in both blood and biopsy. She still went gluten-free because her mom has issues and I have celiac disease, she feels so much better.

Going back to your baby, my advice is to go with your gut. She needs to thrive now! My Ped kept telling me that my daughter was too small (she hovered for her first five years between 5 and 10% on the charts). I said that her head was growing and she was gaining height. Besides, she came from a family of small people. He wanted me to supplement or start whole foods. I held my ground. Three years later he remarked that her chart was so thin and that She never came in for illness. Ugh!

You see her everyday. Listen to your gut. Still get the other testing to rule out anything else, but it will not hurt her to be gluten-free.

Take care.

Warning! A Ped stands for pediatrician and not Pedro.....thanks to failing eyesight and a self-correcting iPad! That is the reason for my edit.

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I'm not familiar with the symptoms she is having but I work in a lab as a lab tech so, I'm fairly good at interpretiing lab results.


High platelet counts can be see in iflamitory bowel issues such as IBS, Crohn's and Celiac. High lympohocyte counts can be caused by autoimmune related inflammation (could include celiac or crohn's, among other things), luekemia  or lymphoma (among other things). TSH can be related to celiac disease as it is common to have a thyrpoid disorder with celiac disease. Liver enzymes can be elevated due to celiac disease but autoimmune hepatitis (among other liver disease) can go with celiac disease and cause a false positive celiac test (tTG IgA).


So, your doctor looking at the labs,symptoms is probably seeing a lot of clinical confusion because there is nothing definitive. From a clinical standpoint you can't diagnose something with so much conflicting information.



With the information given it might seem the common thread is Celiac but it isn't what most physicians would call a definitive DX.


If your daughter feels better on a gluten-free diet, stick with it. it's not going to harm her to be on a gluten-free diet so may as well stay on it if she feels better, whether or not she really has celiac or sensativity to gluten.

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