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New Here. These Are My Symptoms.

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Well let me introduce myself. My name is Mike. I'm 30 yrs old.  I've had so many tests done I don't know where to begin. I've had minor stomach problems for years. Then, a few years ago I went to the ER with bad stomach problems and had a complete workup. The doctor's suggestion was a GI issue. A couple years later (2012) I had to have my gallbladder taken out as it wasn't working at all.


Here's some TMI for you.

Ever since then I don't think I've had a normal bowel movement. The first half of every morning I have to use the bathroom frequently, and constantly feel as if I have to go, even when I don't. Stools are loose for the most part and fluffy. When I don't eat much chocolate, they are pretty yellow, and the water is bright yellow. 


I quit eating gluten, but every once in a while I get mad and "anger eat" something like a bagel. My stomach starts to hurt again, usually for weeks at a time and I get more sluggish than usual. 


My other symptoms are

Anxiety/panic attacks


Light headed feeling

Stomach pains


Alternating C and D

Joint pain/muscle aches

Foggy head



I'm sure there are more that I'm not thinking about now. 


It seems like the stomach problems never get better, or are really slowly getting better. I'd get tested, but eating gluten for 12 weeks before the test will be torture and I'm not really willing to suffer for 3 months and possibly delay healing. My wife has been saying she thinks I had gluten problems for years. This is so frustrating dealing with stomach problems and all the other junk. I was doing great 4 years ago, and now I feel like an old man. 

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How long have you been gluten free?

Hummmmm.....this is the danger of going gluten-free with a diagnosis -- folks tend to "fall off the wagon". That said, I was formally diagnosed last year, but my husband, has not. He has been gluten-free for 13 years. He eliminated gluten at the (bad) advice of my allergist and his GP. He will never get a formal dx as he knows that gluten makes him sick. It took him a year to figure it out and he strictly adheres to the diet.

You either get tested or stop cheating. It is up to you.

Oh, the long term effects should scare you. I already have suffered some fractures doing NOTHING as a result of celiac disease. My only symptom was anemia.

Read the newbie section under coping and research, research, research! Worry about cross contamination (like kissing your wife!).

Welcome to the forum!

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Occasionally a doctor will do an endoscopy instead of the blood tests if the 8-12 week gluten challenge is too much for their patient's health to endure. The endoscopic biopsy only requires 2-4 weeks for an accurate test, but I am guessing it will be tough to get a doctor to agree to do it before the blood tests.


Good luck with the gluten-free diet.  Buy yourself some treats (like a gluten-free bagel) to have on hand when the urge to splurge strikes. ;)

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