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Negative Ttg Iga Without Total Iga Count?

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My primary care doctor ordered a tTG IgA and a DGP IgG upon my request. I specifically requested a total IgA (technically I requested a FULL panel and specified a total IgA) , but it appears it wasn't ordered. After 2 weeks I have finally received the tTG IgA results and am still waiting on the DGP IgG results. The tTG IgA says this:

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab. IgA, Serum Quantitative

Result <2 U/mL

Reference Range 0-3

Obviously the result is negative, but without the total IgA count how much weight should I give to this result? I know there is some possibility that I could be IgA deficient, but what's the likelihood that this is a false negative without knowing my total IgA status? The doctor seemed very dismissive of my request for a celiac panel. I'm concerned that if my DGP is positive that she'll dismiss it due to the negative tTG IgA (I'm having this problem with my 5 year old who tested negative DGP IgA and weak positive DGP IgG). Thoughts?

Thank you!

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You could try contacting the doctor and see if the lab has a blood sample saved which they could run the total IgA on.  My doctors have told me that this was possible to do in the past.  They save some just in case something unexpected comes up.


A positive IgG could be significant (even if the number is low) that is just my opinion from my nearly two years on the forum.   


I am hoping you will get a definitive diagnosis.



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About 5% of celiacs are deficient in IgA, which is higher than the regular population, so there is a 5% chance of an IgA deficiency causing a false negative... but false negatives can happen even when a person is not deficient in IgA, as you saw with your 5 year old.


Most doctors recognize that a full panel should be run for at risk individuals - meaning someone who has celiac disease in their immediate family. If your tests are negative, I would push for more celiac tests, and that serum IgA; try to get whatever is available in your area.


Best wishes.

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I would ask if they ran the complete Celiac panel, to include:

  • AGA (antigliadin antibodies)-IgA
  • AGA-IgG
  • tTG (anti-tissue transglutaminase)-IgA
  • EMA (anti-endomysial antibodies)-IgA
  • Total serum IgA

It is not uncommon to be negative in one and positive in another - that's why it is so important to run all of them.

I'm also not surprised that a 5 year old would have a "weak positive" result.  From what I understand, kids are even more difficult to diagnose because they haven't been alive long enough to produce high enough levels of the antibodies for them to really show up on the tests.  (not always, but it's more common with kids)  And the whole "weak positive" thing is bunk.  It's like saying you're weakly pregnant.  Keep pushing your doctor - or find one more knowledgeable about Celiac.

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