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Blood Results Not Celiac, Could It Be Gluten Sensitivity?

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My blood work is finally back and I am not positive for celiac disease, however I'm wondering if there's any indication of possible sensitivity.

tTG IgA <2 (reference 0-3)

Gliadin Peptide IgA 16 (reference 0-19)

Gliadin Peptide IgG 2 (reference 0-19)

Obviously none of my tests are positive and they didn't my total IgA levels like I had requested. I'm not sure whether or not the elevated IgA levels mean anything or if I'm just plain old good to go.

Thank you!

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I'd ask for the full celiac panel. They're missing ttg-IgG and EMA, and the total serum IgA as you stated. My bloodwork came out negative, but I was diagnosed based on minimal damage on a biopsy, positive gene test, and positive reaction to a gluten-free diet. Currently, there aren't any tests to detect a sensitivity. If after all testing is done, celiac is ruled out, then if you positively react to a gluten-free diet, the diagnosis of NCGI (non celiac gluten intolerance) is given. Good luck!

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That DGP IgA is pretty close to abnormal so I would not trust it completely. If you do decide to keep eating gluten, I would retest periodically as test scores can change.


To be honest, I think there is a chance that you could have celiac disease because of your symptoms and because you have a child that has tested positive. Celiac runs in families, and those tests can miss people. My family has the reverse situation were I have a diagnosis but my boys do not even though 2/3 had symptoms.  I assumed they had celiac disease, although it could have bee NCGI, but either way going gluten-free was the solution and their health has improved.


An elevated total serum IgA does not have any relationship to celiac disease as far as I know. I could be wrong though.

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