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I have a millet pillow that I LOVE! I've been sleeping on it for a few years now. I'm still very new to this whole thing, so I'd like to get your thoughts on the advisability of continuing to use this. I still have some symptoms, and I'm not always sure where they come from since I still seem to be sensitive to a lot of other things besides gluten. I don't want to ditch the pillow if I don't have to, since it helps a lot with jaw pain that I used to have.


I also have a small pillow that used to contain buckwheat. I emptied it of buckwheat, washed the pillowcase, and filled it with millet.


Thoughts about the advisability of continuing to use these, anyone?

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I think you are fine to keep using those.  As karen said, buckwheat isn't a concern.  If you are concerned with tiny levels of CC on them, I think your solution of washing and refilling it is great!

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