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Making My Kids' Gluten Challenge Easier (For Me)

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I'm gluten challenging my older two kids and I'm finding that it's presenting some CC issues for me. Lots of crumbs around and even a piece of bread tossed on the bottom of my fridge. (I carefully scooped it up with a plastic baggie and washed the area)


I now have to go buy a new stick of Earth Balance butter because my 5 year old touched my stick of butter with CC'ed hands. 


I'm thinking that I need to make some modifications for my own sanity. Maybe I need to stop using bread and use something for the challenge that doesn't shed crumbs everywhere. What about glutenous vegetarian meat substitutes? Would a couple of pieces of that a day be equivalent to 2 pieces of bread a day?


Or maybe I just need to take them out for a sub at Subway every night. LOL!

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My older kids still needed gluten after I had deep cleaned the house for the youngest kid (who was totally still eating off the floor!).  I bought them Oreos and had them eat them outside after the youngest went to bed.  I was seriously the best. mom. ever. !!  Shoot, those individual bags of cheeze-its or goldfish or any other junk food that they won't get again - send 'em outside and go crazy!  I wouldn't let the crumbs in my house...and I don't even have celiac.  I just hate cleaning that much and getting rid of the crumbs would send me over the edge.

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Maybe try frozen or contained dinners, lunches or breakfast meals.  Use plastic spoons and forks, and they almost always are covered in plastic for microwaving.  That way everything can be thrown away and is mostly contained.  Not very healthy for those eating them but a lot safer for you.


I have been letting my BF have noodle bowls like that and I haven't had a problem with cc at all.



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