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Stomach Tightening Exercises?

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My 55 year old male '9 month pregnancy' gluten belly is starting to recede a bit now that I am gluten free. I don't have too much fat, in fact I have visible abs, but I think the constant strain on the muscles has affected the tone. Has anyone had this problem?  Any exercises or anything that might help! The Mom's might have some ideas! Thanks!

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Continue to lose weight by making healthy food choices. Then increase your exercise and lift some weights to build bone and muscle.

Going gluten-free does not mean weight loss will occur. I just started baking gluten-free cookies and cakes!

I did lose and have maintained my weight on a low carb high FAT diet for diabetes. I basically eat to my meter. Eat too many carbs and I have proof that my blood glucose levels go up. It is a great motivator! I had a normal BMI to start and blamed my 15 to 20 pound weight gain over the years to pregnancy and middle age despite my high levels of exercise. My hubby is on the same diet and he is losing weight (though not as fast as he cheats....) and his cholesterol panel results already show an increase in HDL and his triglycerides were cut in half. Our GP was impressed and we are now basically a clinical experiment that he is following.

I feel great about being the same size I had been in my teens, 20's and 30's. I finally realized that diet (sugar did me in) really counts. I only lost a few pounds when I trained for 100 mile bike rides.

Something to research and think about!

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