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Did I Get The Right Tests Done?

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Hello I have just joined the forum and have been reading for hours and learning soooo much. I just want to check that I had the proper tests before I get to far along on a gluten-free diet.


Antinuclear Ab (ANA)  1:80 range <1:40


ANA ifa pattern Homogeneous


Gliadin Deamidated AB IgG          37.1H    range <=20 neg, 20.0-30 weak positive, >30 positive


Gliadin Deamidated AB IgA          56.7H    range <=20 neg, 20.0-30 weak positive, >30 positive


Transglutaminase AB IgA, EIA     >100.0H   range <=20 neg, 20.0-30 weak positive, >30 positive


Endomysial IGA Antibody             Positive    range negative


ENDO TITER                                 1:10*       no range is given


I was not a big gluten consumer prior to testing although the las few years after doing the SCD diet for 2 years I would consume gluten occasionally ( I maintained a low carb diet) with a more frequent consumption 4 - 6 months prior to these tests after deciding. I do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. 


Thanks Diane

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I agree, you are very positive, especially since you were not consuming much gluten leading up to the tests.  I would be extra vigilant to make sure you are not consuming hidden gluten in other foods though too.

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