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Just had my daughter, almost 5 years old, tested. She always had problems with her gut and recently dropped in weight from 50th to 5th. 


GP ordered a blood test including testing for celiac. He said all is fine. This is what the paper says:


Tissue transglutaminase IgG level<0.1 U/mL. Original result: 0.1 u/mL ()

Tissue transglutaminase IgA level =0.3 U/mL.Original result: 0.3 u?mL ()


Any idea what this means? Her paed said to get more tests done.


Also, are those home kit tests reliable?


Thank you for reading!


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Well, she did not get a complete celiac panel, so celiac disease can not be ruled out. I tested negative to those two tests and if my GI had not ordered the complete celiac panel, I would have remained undiagnosed.

Here are testing requirements per the University's of Chicago's celiac website (a leading celiac disease research facility):


I can not speak for the home test, but others on this forum have used them.

I wish you both well and DO NOT give up the fight to find the cause of your daughter's weight loss and other issues!

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Yep, she is missing a bunch of tests including the deaminated gliadin peptides which are the best for detecting celiac disease in children.


She needs to get these done:

  • DGP IgA and DGP IgG
  • EMA IGA (similar to the tTG IgA and unlikely to be positive)
  • total serum IgA - a control test
  • AGA IgA and AGA IgG (antigliadin antibodies) - older and less reliable tests replaced by the DGP tests
  • endoscopic biopsy - 6+ samples taken

She needs to be eating gluten in the 8-12 weeks prior to blood testing, or 2-4 weeks for the endoscopy, for accuracy.


I'm not sure how to read her test results. It looks as though both test results were right at the upper level of the normal range - borderline in other words.  I would consider that highly suspect results if I am correct.  I am glad they are doing more testing. With those results, I would consider making her gluten-free (after testing is done) even if all the next results are negative - celiac disease tests results are not usually clear cut.


Best wishes.


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