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Diagnoises Confirmed

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After almost a year and and half since I figured out that all of my unusual symptoms pointed to Celiac/sensitivity. My Dr. has finally given me a diagnoises as probably celiac.  They did not find any damage in my endo. but because everything with my health got better when I was gluten free....she said the likelyhood is greater than not and felt comfortable giving me the diagnoises. 


So i am now going gluten free after nearly 4 months back on Gluten....My withdrawl sysmptoms do not seem as sever as the first time. Is this normal?  I have had a terrible headache and body aches, and i feel kinda tired, but I remember it being much worse when I did a trial run 10 months ago.


Anyway I am happy to be back to gluten free.  I felt like a totally different person.


Amy J

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Welcome to the forum!

Be sure to read the Newbie 101 section under our "Coping section". It co trains valuable tips and discusses cross contamination and hidden sources of gluten.

Celiac symptoms can wax and wane. I did not have really any symptoms other than anemia at the time of my diagnosis. Later, I noticed things that I just thought were normal. Now, when I get glutened, it does affect my gut. Go figure!

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I hope you get through that withdrawal quickly this time.  I only did it once so I can't comment on what is normal here.  ;)


Welcome to the board... officially!  :)


"Acceptance is the key to happiness."

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Celiac - June, 2012

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