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Positive blood test, negative biopsy, positive gene test. Do I have celiac?

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Hi all. I'm confused to the core. 

I hv been low with my irons since I had my first child 8 years ago. And my vit d has been quite low as well. Nothing else apart from feeling tired. 

Went to see my dr. She did blood test for celiac which came out positive. Sent me to the consultant. He did my biopsy. 4 samples. All came out negative. Then my gene test recently has come positive. And now I hv been diagnosed with celiac. 

Dont know why but I feel the diagnosis is wrong. Cz biopsy is considered the best to diagnose the disease. 

Plz help me understand. Thanks. 

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I'll just add that your small intestine (if stretched out flat) is like the size of a tennis court!  Go ahead and Google it!  Anyway, it is easy to miss damaged areas.  Just one of many reasons why it can be difficult to get a celiac diagnosis.  Adhere to the gluten-free diet (it will take time to learn and to heal) and you should see proof in elevated iron stores (ferritin).  Read our Newbie 101 thread pinned at the top of the "Coping" section of the forum.  It contains lots of valuable tips that will expedite healing!  

Welcome to the forum!  

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