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NEVER let your guard down!

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I've been happily buying Jimmy John's "Unwiches" for several months now. The folks were incredibly nice when I asked the sandwich makers to change gloves. Now I always say, "I'm the one who always asks that the servers change their gloves," and they ask, "Oh, you're allergic to wheat?" "Sure," I say... "It makes me incredibly sick."

Yesterday I went thru my usual shtick and then watched as the server put the lettuce leaves directly on the counter where bread's been touching. I make it a point to go nearly behind the counter to watch them make my lettuce wrap but this time he got started before I could get over there. "WHOA!!" I said, probably louder than I needed to. "Could you take new lettuce leaves and please make the wrap on top of paper so the lettuce isn't touching where bread has been?" I guess I've taken for granted that they always do it this way... they always have before. I thought to myself... why would I ask that you change gloves that have touched bread only to have you put the lettuce directly on the surface that's had bread on it??

I'm still grateful to be able to go anywhere and buy occasional convenience food, but you really can never let your guard down for a second!!


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