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question about the rash

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It takes a bit of time for antibodies to leave the skin. Very tiny amounts of gluten will reactivate them and iodine will also keep the lesions active.  Some need to avoid all iodine in foods. Personally I just needed to drop iodized salt but others will also avoid sea foods, sea weed etc.  Making sure that any shampoos and lotions etc are gluten-free is also a good idea, especially if you have open sores.

Be patient and be really strict and the antibodies will resolve but it does take time.

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8 hours ago, razzle5150 said:

well I went to a resturant Golden corral and watched really close as to what I ate , but evidentually something was cross contaminated .... Its a cafeteria type resturant. thanks guys

I am sorry that you were glutened.  I checked the Golden Corral website.  They do say that they can not really accommodate those with allergies.  My advice?  Never eat out at a buffet.  Select only those restaurants that have been reviewed by a celiac (you can use a reliable source like "Find Me Gluten Free"  and read the reviews insuring a celiac wrote it and not some gluten-free weightloss dieter! ).  Eat at a expensive restaurant and talk to the head chef (worth every penny).  Read the restaurants website!  

The last time I was at a buffet, I excused myself to go out to my car and ate my safe food from my cooler.  I was with the Girl Scouts (left plenty of chaperones with these teens).  At buffets you have to worry about employees and patrons cross contaminating the food, not to mention suppliers!  


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