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So I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 3 weeks ago almost a month now and I have been having slight sharp pains on my lower left abdomen  as well as my left peck and my right mid abdomen section. I have been very fatigued constantly and feeling like I'm always hungry? My stomach makes all sorts of crazy sounds all the time and I also get very hot faced and light headed. I have been to the doctors quit often lately and all my vital signs are fine. My thyroid is fine my blood work is all good but I still feel like a mess!. The pain never gets serious or even to the point where I have to stop  I'm doing it's almost like just a constant on and off finger nail pinch. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! I also every once in a while feel like there something in the back of my throat almost as if I'm about to puke? 

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Hang in there!  It takes time to heal.  Bet your doctor failed to tell you that!  ? Why so long?  It takes time to heal not just the GI tract, but other areas of the body that might have been impacted.    There is often a steep learning curve to the gluten free diet too.  Consider eating a more Whole Foods diet to aid in healing.  Save the processed foods and dining out until you are feeling better.  

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Your in the withdrawal/healing phase, your system if regulating itself, right now. The important thing is to stay away from all gluten and eat only a whole foods diet free of dairy and even gluten-free oats for the first few weeks to jump start this healing process.

I do suggest prepping your foods on a freezer paper lined surface, and using new dedicated gluten-free knifes, utensils, cookware etc. Gluten residue can hide in scratched pots and utensils, cutting boards etc.  Get a new toaster also, and make sure to scrub down all handles, knobs and get the crumbs out of your drawers, with perhaps new organizers in them.  Simple meals like baked and stewed meats, steamed, baked, sauted veggies, and soups are best for this. Make sure to use only gluten-free certified spices, condiments, foods, etc. and a clean gluten-free cooking environment.

You might have to start supplementing also. many of us with celiac have damaged intestines, this leads to nutrient deficiencies. Common ones are Magnesium, B-vitamins, Iron, E and D, along with  several others. You probably need to be tested but regardless I would suggest experimenting with supplementing you will find many threads where many of us use them. I will share some links on where to find and get gluten-free foods, condiments, and alternatives for later, I will also share a list of stuff I eat and supplements I take to stay active.

Now on a side note many of us also develop food intolerance, and allergies. So it is suggested you keep a food journal where you record what you eat and each ingredient along with how you feel a few hours later. Try rotating your stables and foods see if you find a pattern on foods that do not agree with you that you might have to remove for awhile.




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