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Supplement and Foods you Take

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I thought it would be a interesting topic to bring up supplements and foods we take to deal with our issues. I am going to omit exact dosages on these as I had to adjust them according to my needs, less on some, more on others and on pretty much all of them break the dosage up and take it in 2-3 parts throughout the day to avoid the slumps.  Also my diet is a low carb diet high in fats and proteins, I have multiple odd allergies and do not digest carbs well.  NOTE this is just off the top of my head there will be constant edits as I recall others and perhaps notations on them.

Neocell Beauty Infusion - Collagen, Biotin, Vitamin C, ALA, Hyaluronic Acid
Braggs/Kal Nutritional Yeast - B vitamins niacin
Liquid Health Stress & Energy - Various vitamins, mineral,s B- vitamins
Liquid Health Neurological Support - Various vitamins, minerals, b -vitamins
Doctors Best Magnesium Powder - Magnesium
Jarrow Digestive Enzymes - Enzymes
Jarrow IBS Support - a light Probiotic
Jarrow BCAA - Help prevent muscle break down, take when needed and during the night
Jarrow Joint Support
Spicely Organics Cinnamon - circulation (and addicted to it)
Aloe Vera Juice

NOTE protein powders are used on a rotation and blended always to 1-2 servings
Nutra Key V-Pro Protein Powder
MRM Veggie Elite
Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Protein
Jarrow Hemp Protein
Jarrow Rice
Jarrow Optimal Blend
MRM Meal Replacement (on the go in a shaker with a side of veggies and seeds/nuts)
Growing Naturals Pea Protein - Use in cooking often as a thickening agent

Almond Milk/cashew mil on rotation - Fats, Vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium
Almonds/Almond Butter - fats Vitamin E
Nutivia Coconut flour in at least 2 meals a day for fats/fiber
Hershey Special Dark cocoa (only gluten-free one)
Big Tree Farms Tru-Raw Cocoa
Leafy Greens on Rotation for various vitamins kale/cabbage/collard greens/romaine
Other Veggies on Rotation Broccoli/cauliflower/pumpkin puree/bell peppers/green beans/okra/brussel sprouts/onions
Always eating tomatoes
So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Yogurt - fats and probiotics
Egg Beaters/Egg whites every breakfast and in stirfrys made into noodles by cooking in thin sheets then cutting into strips
Pacific Bone Broths
Pacific vegetable Broths
Kelp Noodles

GERBS Allergen Friendly Foods (seeds eaten on rotation)
Flax Seeds
Ground Flax Seeds
Whole Pumpkin Seeds
Whole Hemp Seeds
Dried Figs
Dried Dates

Always drinking Republic of tea teas

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Meat- any meat.  Beef, chicken, fish, pork.  Polar sardines and canned mackeral for Vitamin D.
Veggies- corn, peas, broccoli, lettuce, rice (Quaker rice cakes and Jif Natural peanut butter for breakfast), sweet potatoes, greens, cauliflower, cabbage, beans (Bush's canned beans seem the most digestable for me), avocado, watermelon, cantalope, pumpkin.
eggs fried or boiled or in another food.
nuts- any nuts

So Delicious brand coconut ice cream bars if it is on sale and it's summer and hot.

Luigis Italian Ice for hot weather.

Sometimes I buy Udi's bread but mostly I eat Mission brand corn tortillas for bread.

I could but seldom do use any milk subs.  I can use almond milk ok.

I have had Bob's Mighty Tasty gluten-free Hot Cereal and am alright with it, but haven't had it in quite a while.
Daiya cheese like substance.

Daily supplements

Nutrigold Vitamin D 5000 IU daily.
Lisonopril 2.5 mg daily.  Blood pressure medicine.
Countrylife Chelated magnesium 250 mg. daily or so.

Occasional supplements

Naturemade B-complex, sometimes a Naturemade B-12.
Betaine HCL for digestion help.
Vitacost Ginseng extract complex 800 mg.
Solgar Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, MSM pill.
ARO creatine raw 2250 mg.
Vitacost Rhodiola Rosea 700 mg.
Natural sources raw thyroid.
Brazil nuts occasionally for selenium.


Kamchatka vodka or Titos corn vodka.
Redbridge gluten-free beer.
Maybe some cider but rarely

Additional medicines

Pepto Bismol for gut pain
Aspirin for any pain
Milk of Magnesia for constipation
Vitacost Dpp-4 for digestion.

Celestial Seasonings peppermint tea, Bengal Tea, and others.

I also drink a lot of water.

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I take a good multi and sometimes add a seperate Biotin supplement that has some vitamin C in it.

When first diagnosed I also took a sublingual B12 as I had heavy nervous system impact.

On the rare times when I get glutened I take liquid Pepto to deal with any stomach pain and if I absolutely need to leave the house Immodium. I will also take an anti-inflammatory to help the joint and muscle pain.

I learned I had to be careful with some supplements when I started having odd symptoms from overdoing them.  I now make sure I take all supplements with me to the doctor when he is checking my levels and stop them for a week before the appointment so he gets an accurate level.

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I love Pumpkin seeds and have looked high and low for some that I like (I used to eat them out of the bins at the grocery store). I finally found some I like at Nuts.com so they are my new best friend.

We also buy the Wonderful Pistachios at Costco in bulk

I buy fiber supplements at our local grocery store

I use brand name Advil for headaches, body aches. 

I buy everything else at our local grocery store in Texas, HEB. They are awesome and have a great supply of GF foods - although mostly I make meals out of whole foods.

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5 hours ago, Sara789 said:

I'd also be interested in WHERE people buy things: Online, local grocery store, etc?


^ Scroll on this second post there even has UPC codes to order from you local grocery stores if you do not want ot shop online, But I have alot of online stores listed there not only the product pages. I use Lucky, Amazon, Thrive, Gerbs, Authentic, LorAnn, GlutenFreeOats and my local HEB store often.


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Wanted to add a update since my UC dia. back in February I removed all fruit from my diet and grains. I now eat more nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. I also started eating more dairy free cheeses, and my keto cheese sauces, along with Julian Bakery Paleo bread which is now one of my stables. Supplement wise I added

Liquid Health D3
Jarrow Bromelain Enzymes (2 with each meal)
Papaya Enzyme Complex (4-6 with each meal)
Jarrow Plant Protein (on rotation with my previously mentioned blends of MRM and V-Pro)
1000mg liquid vitamin C twice a day
Nature Vitality Calm Magnesium on rotation with Doctors Best 3 times a day

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I'm wondering how the psyllium husk in the bread makes you feel?  We follow SCD because of my daughter's SIBO and have steered clear of harsh fibers. But she's doing really well right now so I'm tempted to add the Julian's bakery paleo bread.  Thoughts?

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2 hours ago, Feeneyja said:

I'm wondering how the psyllium husk in the bread makes you feel?  We follow SCD because of my daughter's SIBO and have steered clear of harsh fibers. But she's doing really well right now so I'm tempted to add the Julian's bakery paleo bread.  Thoughts?

Honestly this was the reason I ignored the bread for years, my dietician said that using psylilum husk on a daily basis was bad. He compared it to scrubbing your intestines with a loofah sponge, and said it might be alright a few days a month but not daily in my case.     But  I find when cooking with it, it seems less harsh on my gut, I use it in my cheese sauce in very small amounts seems stewing it made it softer on my gut, And THEN thought perhaps the bread is alright, seems it is. They use the psylilum husk in place of gums as a binding agent, and mixing it in the batter and cooking it seems to make it much easier to digest. Only thing I can say is be careful not to over toast the bread, lol I sometimes do and end up soaking the pieces in my coffee, porridge, or soup.   I really love how easy it is on my stomach, FIRST time in my life I can recall ever eating bread and not feeling heavy at all hours later. I am always making my childhood favorite with it of cinnamon toast. I personally split the loafs up into slices and freeze them this way I can put stuff on them before toasting straight from the freezer. From the freezer, I spread Nutivia Butter Flavored coconut oil on them, both sides, sprinkle a blend of pyure or xylitol mixed with cinnamon over one side and toast it. Then put more on it lol. So great in the morning with a savory breakfast. Other times I toast them and make open sandwiches with avocado, egg whites, and a salmon bacon or a meat sub when I can afford it.

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