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Hi all I am new to the group and extremely confused!

A little background about me - I have not had a solid stool in 6 years. Yup 6 flipping years

My original family doctor said it was IBS - tested for parasites etc (all negative) and told me to move on. I got a new GP and at this point it had been 4 years of solely diarrhea so he referred me to a specialist . I literally go 8-11 times a day - it's insane IMO.

Anyways I received my blood results that were 2.75g/l for IGA and TTG 0.05% (for which I have no idea what this is/means) other than that it is negative? no idea how close to negative or not.

I had an endo scope and a colonoscopy as well. My GI called me and said "I rarely have pathologist call me about files but I have a meeting with 2 to discuss your findings' and said my results came back essentially positive for celiac, crohn's and some colitis' and  that my throat is so narrow as it is so lined with white blood cells there is a growing concern of choking.

She said they are so confused as essentially I am missing an element of each disease ie crohn's while my biopsies are positive there are no ulcers visible to her - so I have an MRI in 2 weeks Celiac my blood is negative so she doesn't think it is that,,,,anyways I went and saw an allergist yesterday and he was 99% that it is celiac - he diagnosed the rash on my hands as dermatitis herpetiformis, my nail beds and being indicative to malnutrition (bumpy/brittle) and said the little silica like fat globs I describe in my stool all point to celiac

any insight or able to decipher the blood test results?

Sorry if this is confusing or poorly written Im soooooooooo tired!

Thank you for responding/reading

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

You should get the full Celiac blood panel done. It includes the following tests: TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, EMA, IGA. A positive on any one test combined with celiac evidence on the endoscopy = Celiac.

There are people here who only fail one of the tests you didn't have.

If Celiac testing is complete and you still don't have answers there's nothing preventing you from going gluten free for several months to see if it helps.


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