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13 hours ago, Ennis_TX said:

Actually on a ketogenic diet, nothing but fats and protein no carbs, no fruits, no grains, no sugars. I consume massive amounts of protein and moderate fats. I am actually slowly putting on weight....but I am 127-129lbs and 5'11" I have less then 18% body fat. Once you hit ketosis you body burns fat for energy not carbs. So if you are late on a meal, forget a snack, or do not eat enough it eats fat stores first then your own body -_-. Bit brutal actually having to eat every 3-5 hours lol.    NOTE I am on this diet for medical reasons. I have recently learned I got UC so sugars/carbs cause flare ups. Celiac so no gluten, lactose intolerant...,,yeah .....On the bright side I recently found some great breads that are paleo with no carbs or grains then started making my own out of the same ingredients. No bloat starch free gluten-free bread, make my own cheesy garlic, and cheesy cheddar biscuits no grains....diets actually pretty damn good. I love I do not bloat, have so much energy. Just hate the expenses of eating all the nuts, egg whites, seeds, and fresh veggies.

I see! Wow, that sounds really restrictive. But you sound incredibly healthy. Thank you for the info. I will look to see if you've posted any of these great sounding recipes!

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On 5/3/2017 at 1:53 PM, Victoria1234 said:

So in 2007 I started having constant abdominal pain. I had DH for years on my elbows, no reason given by doc other than "allergies". I had many tests done but no celiac panel. I was always anemic and constipated my whole life. I even had my uterus removed in January of 2008, seeking pain relief. The uterus was tested and was actually just fine,

Shortly afterwards we found out about celiac online and I went gluten-free....

i think it was February 2008. My pain immediately went away as well as the dh.

my question to you today is, should I even worry about a doc's diagnosis after this long a time being gluten-free? I'm wondering if there is a purpose for it at this juncture? I am pretty symptom free except for C when I've been glutened, plus some seboritis dermatitis (sp?) flares up as well. No pain, except for the chronic pain for when they botched the hysterectomy and damaged some nerves which is handled by a script.

thanks for any help. I just don't know what to think anymore after reading this board!


Gee it could be a pinch nerve alot

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3 minutes ago, Victoria5289 said:

Gee it could be a pinch nerve alot

Sadly they don't have any way to treat the nerve cluster except for meds. Tried physical therapy but it just drained my bank account.

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