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New desserts at Chipotle may cc other food

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Thanks for giving us the heads up. My gluten and corn issues make this place a land mine for me , I have not eaten in there in years. This is great info for others to know for it was at one time one of a few potential options (with the burrito bowl option ) in the fast food world someone could watch them make your food upfront.

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I contacted Chipotle after I saw the post about the upcoming new dessert.  This is Chipotle's reply:


Thanks for reaching out to us about this very important issue. We are very, very aware of the gluten issue and what is happening right now is a test in one restaurant in which the wheat tortilla chips are being cooked in a fryer outside of the restaurant, specifically to minimize the impact of cross-contamination. We recognize that, while we are not a "gluten free" establishment (our tortillas have wheat in them), we have a very loyal following among those who strive to avoid gluten. We won't do anything to jeopardize that and, even as we are testing this exciting new dessert, we have this issue top of mind, and are taking and will take appropriate and reasonable steps, such as cooking the chips offsite, and having procedures in place to minimize any risk of cross-contamination.

Thanks for your passion and interest. We will get this right.


Customer Service Coordinator
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Original Comment:
I just read the news about a possible new dessert coming on the menu at Chipotle which would involve frying a floured product in your oil. I, along with tens of thousands of other celiacs and gluten sensitive people, have enjoyed your tortilla chips for years now because they were gluten free. If this new desert is indeed true, all of us would be deprived of enjoying your tortilla chips and guacamole. Could you clarify if this is going to happen? I eat at Chipotle twice a week and I am so disheartened. 
Thank you.


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