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Neuropathy still after 4 months gluten-free.. help

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2 hours ago, Chris H said:

Sadly my nerve pain has gone back to where it was 9 months ago. With really slight numbness in my left toe. Since quitting gluten I haven’t felt the numbing of my toe. I’m getting a food intolerance test next Thursday. My diet is so strict I don’t know where I’m going wrong. But something is definitely affecting my nerves, not as bad as gluten does but it definitely affects them. I’m hoping it’s just a setback. Feel like I’m so close but so far away. 

My nerve issues come back with that slightly numbness with even the tiniest amount of CC, a whole foods diet makes it happen less often, and screening products I use seeing if they use shared facilities or if the company handles oats or gluten in ANY other product (bit of paranoia) I found a few other things.
Tiny microexposures (as I call them, not enough to flare gut issues but cause slight numbness) I have linked with heading to the grocery store (inhaled flour from that open aired bakery?) or not washing produce from said grocery store. Few times a shared facility issue, or a case of me not washing my hands before taking meds, mints, gum, etc.

The intolerance testing things are a bit wonky and not always accurate or used to be anyway. I went through all that stuff years ago and it was a waste of money. The list was hit and miss and I got a better idea by keeping a food diary and rotating foods off for a week then trying 1  day off for a few days and recording the issues. Takes forever but way more accurate. Go down to eating 2-3 foods only no spices, seasonings etc. the  do the changing 1 out or adding 1 in for a day. Lot less guessing.

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Have you ever had an MRI?  How is your spine?  A compression fracture can cause traveling nerve pain (like sciatica).  I had lots of numbness due to compression fractures (osteoporosis) due to undiagnosed celiac disease.  My pain and numbness eventually went away but can reappear when I use my back incorrectly.  

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