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What do you put in your coffee? If you put milk/cream/sugar, those things could be aggravating. I thought coffee was bothering me too, but it turns out that it was the cream I was putting in my coffee. so I cut out the dairy and drink it black. but I only drink homemade espresso and only in the morning after breakfast. It is my daily pick-me-up!

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I drink milk without a problem, so I don't think it is that, but thanks for the advice. If I had to drink it black, I couldn't do it.


Monica, you said that you are having problems with 'C' again. Maybe it is the milk/dairy products. I know that when I drink milk or have dairy, I don't get pains or anything, but I get very constipated. Then when I go off of dairy, I am as regular as a regular person! haha! Maybe you should try no dairy for a week or two just to see how it goes. It is a known blocker, even for people without Celiac.

Danielle (Dani)

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease by Dr. Green (gene HLA DQ8) 1/05/06

Diagnosed: Gluten Sensitive through enterolab 11/17/05

Diagnosed: Casein Sensitive through enterolab 3/7/06

Diagnosed: Interstitial Cystitis (IC) 07/26/06

I finally put my picture on because it doesn't look like I'll be eating ANY cake on my Wedding day..........I'm the one in the middle.

Intolerant to: (besides gluten)


Peanuts (can handle very small amounts)

Any kind of additives or preservatives

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Thanks. I have tried no dairy. My problems with C are not the normal, typical. I don't want to get gross, but it seems to be IBS related. I am fine pretty much as long as I don't consume caffeine. It makes things just not work for me, but it isn't typical C for me as they would describe in the medical field. The no dairy doesn't help me. Just gives me way less to eat, since I am already vegetarian.

It stinks having to give up caffeine though.


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