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For the folks that asked about my beloved psyllim :) Carole, Berneses-- I have a put a link to the brand I now use below. I suppose there is a chance that if psylliums in the past haven't worked for you that this might not either...but I will endorse the product on the fact that myself, my husband and my sister in law were all taking other brands with undesireable GI issues like gas, D as a result. Then I switched to this brand (b/c my other wasn't gluten-free) and I thought it was awesome! Works great, but I've never had any GI symptoms or discomfort. So my dh and sil switched and they said the same. I take two rounded tsps in a glass of apple juice--no heaping, but not flat--rounded :) I always follow-up with water, and I take it in the morning before eating. That's my preference. Depending on how often you take it, the container can last a while. I've had it for 4 mos or so, and it is 1/2 full. Hope it works as well for you two! If you take it, let me know what you think....


I also agree about periods affecting GI habits. Bernese--read this: http://magazines.ivillage.com/redbook/dh/e..._288415,00.html


You don't have endometriosis do you?

Jen....do you buy any other products from that company where you buy the psyllium? And is the membership thing worth it? Or do you find this psyllium in regular health food stores??



Enterolab 1/2006

IgA & tTg Positive

DQ2-0201 (celiac) and DQ1-0604 (gluten)

Casein IgA positive

Mom has 2 celiac genes

Both kids have a celiac gene.

Lots of celiac disease in my family, both sides.

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I forgot about the membership--you have to have one to order I guess? My dh's mom has one, so we're part of that club. I take several of their supplements that are gluten-free--they are some that are not gluten-free though, like their Vit E for instance. They have a nice "Fibralgia" supplement--magnesium and malic acid. Hmmm, I can't remember what is entailed in getting a membership...I will think on that and get back to you.... Oh, some places will have nature's sunshine brand products, but I've found those to be more naturapath or nd's offices vs health food stores. I'm going to pm you...



Indianapolis, IN

gluten-free since Feb 2005


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