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I Had No Idea!

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Thank you. You're right - it's not worth it. I did slip up today and tasted a toaster strudel thing that I let my daughter have for a snack. It wasn't very tasty - and not worth cheating on! Ugh! I went today and bought $40 worth of gluten-free food - most of which will end up in the garbage because I gagged when tasting some of it. Why can't manufacturers make this stuff taste good!?!? It wouldn't be so bad if it was ONLY gluten-free...but they have to go to the next level and make it all organic and Healthy...and get rid of many other allergens (which I'm sure the people with those allergies appreciate...so I'm sorry for offending). It just makes it not worth spending all that money when it tastes so gross! (Actually - I did succeed in finding one good thing - chocolate cookies that I didn't gag on!!) I bought a kinnikinnick bread mix (I haven't had gluten-free bread since I was about 8 yrs old)....so when I eventually make it - we'll see how that goes! I didn't dare by the frozen loaf....I'm not that brave and didn't wanna waste any more money! (My hubby's gonna choke when he see's the reciept!) :o Any success stories with buying gluten-free stuff from a store?

Diagnosed by biopsy with Celiac at age 1 in 1984.

No other health problems.

Hubby - no health problems.

Mallory (2 year old daughter) - no known health problems at this time.

Hannah (born 04/02/07) - no problems yet!

Family - no one diagnosed with Celiac - ever - to our knowledge. (Lucky me!)

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There are sooo many gluten-free foods that taste good. I believe if I was still eating gluten like I did before I may not like the foods as much as I do now. Gluten is VERY addictive...I went through withdrawl symptoms my first week off gluten. If you continue to keep small amounts of gluten in your diet your body will continue to crave it and its a powerful addiction. Not unlike quitting smoking or a drug addiction. Your mind tells you that nothing is as good as the foods with gluten in them. You will have to overcome that and put your health and family first. I'm one of the people who's on a restricted diet...not just gluten-free so I havent been lucky enough to get to sample all the gluten free processed foods out there but I look forward to it once I'm healed. If you start a thread about which gluten free foods are best you'll get a ton of responses which should help you out with the shopping. Some of the things I have tried and liked are:

Tinkyada pasta

Lara Bars

Amy's frozen dinners

Enjoy Life cookies

I think I've enjoyed everything I've tried but I'm not very picky and my taste buds have probably adapted to the change...I like vegetables now. :o


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I am getting into a field that I am not sure about. Tiffany is the expert in this field. This is my thoughts after taking to my doctor yesterday.

The brain is a VERY complicated organ. If your brain is starved through lack of food to the brain, some of that will never be regained. That depends on the length of malnourisment to the brain. The brain is very much like the heart. If there is a blockage to the heart, in most cases the arteries to the heart will re-route themselves and find a new track.

I can't remember the amount of brain that is active, but I think it is way less than half. So, with continuous stimuli, the brain can find new places for activity and function.

My left side of my body is less responsive physically and I am right handed and most likely left brained. I have noticed a change in lack of articulation and recall. That does not mean that it is gone forever, it just means that my brain need to re-program where to put it.

I am not a medical person, this is just my theory with discussing this with my doctor.

I don't know how any one else feels about this. I definately have found myself with some mental regression, but I do feel,with proper stimulli that it can return to normal with the proper food to the brain.

This is pretty heavy for me on a Friday night.


Thanks, it makes sense. I just hope that I didn't go too long to regain my "normal" brain function! I had been sick for about 10 years, and I was anorexic a large chunk of that time, but maybe now that I am able to eat and eat really healthy, nutrious foods, maybe my brain will get what it needs to "come back"!

I say to my little girls all the time, "where's mommies brain?" They think it's so funny, that at halloween, some one gave them little plastic brains, and when I would say that they would whip one out or point one out on the floor! You have to laugh at yourself when you see yourself through a childs eyes!!!!


tests inconclusive, diet conclusive January 2006

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