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  1. Most people don't know this - but you can just use rice flour (scooped low) and about 3/4 tsp xanthan gum to every 1 cup rice flour as a substitute for most recipes. My mom always used the same recipes for me growing up as she did for the rest of the family - just using that substitution. Just find the finest rice flour you can (oriental markets sell it). I had "normal" chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. It doesn't have to be so hard. You don't need to get a bazillion different types of flours and starches! I'm creating a book to explain this concept - going gluten-free doesn't have to be difficult and strange! I'd love to share all the recipes I grew up eating... just let me know if you want them!
  2. Thanks, so far, for your responses! All I can say is - wow! It makes me glad I can't remember my diagnosis! I have a few specific questions I was hoping someone might want to reply to (again - just a reminder - by replying, you give me "permission" to quote you in my project). I want to know about first experiences going grocery shopping after being diagnosed. What did you do with all the food in your kitchen after being diagnosed? Tell about the first time you went to eat at a restaurant (and which one) after going gluten-free If you have kids with Celiac - how did you handle sending them to school after being diagnosed? What kind of frustrations do you have with cooking gluten-free? What one product do you wish you could still eat? Thanks!! Feel free to respond to all the questions or just one! I really appreciate you sharing your stories and wisdom!
  3. Hi all!! It's been a long time since I've been here! My life has gotten crazy! I had my second baby almost 2 months ago and having two kids is quite the challenge for me! However, I am doing great with being 100% gluten free! YEA! I came back to this site to ask for some help from anyone willing! I am creating a small book of sorts as a personal project (though hoping it might someday get to be published). I would love to include some personal stories of people of different ages (or loved ones of those people) telling of your diagnosis and reaction to the new gluten-free diet you were about to start. Please only share with me if you don't mind me quoting you in my "book." I will only use the stories and quotes from this specific thread. Thanks a ton!!
  4. Yeah, I had already checked the wikipedia site and got their definition. I sent all the info to my mom in an email for her to pass on to my grandparents. I let my grandma know about the dairy being hard to digest at first....thinking maybe that's why they told her to keep him off of whey. That wasn't the case... but she knows about the dairy issues now, at least. I plan on making a visit up there sometime this week - so I can hopefully make sure they got the correct info. Thanks for your help... it's good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that "nutritionist" is crazy!
  5. Thanks! Now I just need to convince my grandma that the nutrionist they talked too is Wrong! (Easier said than done!) She said that the nutrionist told them that whey can come from either milk or barley. Which is completely stupid! No information I've found says that. I even looked on the Whey Protein Institute's website!! (www.wheyoflife.org) Argh! Stupid people making my grandpa's new diet more complicated than it needs to be. Thanks for the input, though!! I'll pass on the info!
  6. Okay, so my 81 year old grandpa was diagnosed with Celiac (on his deathbed - having a last chance surgery to remove something from his pancreas...and then they went "digging" around to see if anything else was wrong - when they discovered no villi in his intestines). It's nice to know where I got this disease from...I'm no longer the only one in my family with it. Had they just done a simple blood test months and months ago (especially after my mom suggested it) - he could be just fine by now. However, he's still on IV's.... and they might be allowing him to start on liquids soon. So - anyway... my mom calls me today and says that they've told him that Whey contains gluten (comes from barley)?! We're completely flabbergasted! No research I've done proves that these idiot doctors are correct. I'm wondering if any of you know what they're talking about?? Whey, in my knowledge, is a dairy product or derivative. But we don't want to give my grandpa false information that could make him sooo sick again. (I'd actually like him to be able to meet my next baby!!) So, any help - and as soon as possible - is greatly appreciated.
  7. Wow!! Thanks for the responses!! I was prepared to write down a recipe or two...but I think I'll just print that whole page and take to the store with me! So, from the sounds of it - just throw in whatever you want... no measuring involved? That's my kind of cooking! I know that celery is just as much a part of Chicken Salad as the Chicken is....but it won't kill the salad if I leave it out, will it? (I'm not a fan of little chunks of celery in anything.) Hmm... I might try it processed as a dip - sounds tempting! Yum Yum! Thanks! Oh! Forgot to ask - has anyone tried the Tyson packaged chicken that's already cooked? It's like in a red bag type thing by the tuna. Is it gluten-free? Would it work in chicken salad and save me time by not having to cook the chicken?
  8. I've seen lots of you post that you often eat chicken salad. Does anyone have a good recipe for it? I've never made it before, but it's sounding pretty good! I'm pregnant right now and my cravings seem to be constantly changing - and I'm in the mood for something new! Thanks!!
  9. Adelle, I'm totally with you on not buying the flour mixes. Waste of money in my opinion. I don't ever use anything except white rice flour and xanthan gum. (Find the finest rice flour you possibly can for things to turn out better.... Asian/Oriental markets have great flour!!) My homemade pancake/waffle recipe that my mom made for me growing up: In a two cup liquid measuring cup crack in 2 eggs and then fill to the 2 c. mark with Buttermilk. Pour into large bowl. Add 2 Tbsp Oil, 2 Tbsp Sugar, 1 tsp Salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda and 2 tsp baking powder. Wisk very well. Then add 1 leveled cup of Rice Flour and wisk just till moistened. (Don't over mix.) Spray the waffle iron well! I just made pancakes with this recipe 2 nights ago - oh so yummy!!! We had strawberries and whip cream on top.
  10. I'm not sure I understand the "conspiracy theory" idea going on. How do you mean?? I took your saying that to mean you were sick of people bringing all their other health problems (blamed on celiac, of course) and trying to get everyone else to believe their symptom is being caused by that other problem. Does that make sense? Am I way off on the conspiracy? Maybe that's just something that bothers me. I get tired of reading posts where people think if they cough there must be something wrong or they have another food intolerance creeping up. (Okay, that was a pretty big exaggeration... sorry!) I have to tell you about a lady that lives in my parent's neighborhood - that I suppose it the cause of my antagonism towards sickness crazed people. She kept thinking of all these problems she had...but wouldn't go see a REAL doctor (meaning someone who went through medical school and is board certified and state regulated). She ended up finding some crack-head psychiatrist guy who put all sorts of nonsense into her already confused head. She tried seriously every "cure" possible....no real medical cure by any means - just things like herbs and mental "therapy." I probably don't even need to tell you that she got worse. I'm sure she originally had Real symptoms that bothered her....but by the end of all these treatments she had a whole host of problems (most of which I'm sure were in her head). And of course she had to share with my mom every new treatment that was going to cure her....but never worked. I agree with the pointless antagonism towards the medical profession! Has anyone stopped to realize that life expectancy is so much longer than it was 100 years ago? Thanks to technology and medical breakthroughs!! But of course, our human bodies are sooo complex that doctors will never completely understand them nor be able to "fix" all the problems. It's not their fault that they had never heard of Celiac before - have you ever studied all the diseases that there are? It's not possible for EVERY doctor to know about every health problem that can crop up at any time. It's not their fault "we" weren't diagnosed for a long time. However, you've got to give them some credit for Trying! They're doctor's not miracle workers. And I'd place my life in one of these REAL doctors any day (someone who IS board certified and state/federaly regulated). Not some crack-job who thinks herbs can cure the world. *whew* Sorry - I just contributed to this thread that's going in circles and got way off track from Penguin's original post. (I'm probably one of the people that bugs her....cause I tend to get so opinionated and frustrated by "sick" people.) Hmm....I agree that this site changed since I first happened upon it a few months ago... and I'm convinced we all had something to do with that (me included).
  11. I dont' remember the exact amount... I think it's something like for every 1 cup of flour you use 3/4 tsp of xanthan gum. Since cookies don't need to do a lot of rising or growing - I've heard you don't need to use very much. I don't use any for things like pancakes. When I made these cookies, I didn't even measure the xanthan gum (I'm sure it was less than the equation above)....and they turned out fine. Let me know if you make the cookies, so I can know if anyone else thinks they're as wonderful as I do!
  12. Even though I've had Celiac all my life, I'd have to say that I was grateful to finally understand that my most embarrassing moment in my entire life was caused because of it (I never understood that growing up... it just "hit" me not too long ago). I was in 1st grade...and a very quiet/shy person (still am, I guess). I've always hated to have the attention on me....so raising my hand, interupting, to ask to use the restroom made me very uncomfortable (then and now). Well, I don't even remember needing to really "go"...but my memory is that it either happened before or shortly after I left the classroom on my way to the bathroom.... I had severe "D". And no change of clothes. Yuck!! Talk about mortifying!! But now I understand that it was probably because I was glutened...and at the time had severe symptoms that came on quickly (I don't anymore, thankfully). I also remember a time when my parents were gone on a date and we had a babysitter over. I remember not feeling well and having BLUE bowel movements (too much info, I know, sorry!). I remember being embarrassed to tell anyone...not wanting to freak them out. (Though, thankfully, they already knew the cause...but like I said before, I hated having all the attention on me - for any reason.) It's nice to know the symptoms we had were Normal for having Celiac (even if you didn't learn you had Celiac until later).
  13. I guess my "trigger" was my own birth! It showed up in the normal range of when you start feeding a baby/toddler more and more whole foods. I got sicker and sicker. So, I guess I've always had it... no trigger necessary. I guess I'm lucky...some of your triggers sound worse than actually Having Celiac!
  14. I figured I'd post this way easy cookie recipe for everyone. It's just a regular homemade choco chip cookie recipe - just use rice flour and a little bit of xanthan gum. They look the same...and I'm sure they taste the same too! (I made my kind and the "regular" kind today for my hubby - - so he doesn't eat all of mine!) Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 eggs 3 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 c. sugar 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 3/4 c. brown sugar 1 tsp salt 1 c. shortening (crisco works best) 3 c. flour (for gluten-free use regular rice flour...and level the cups) (xanthan gum - not too much) 1 pkg chocolate chips Combine eggs, vanilla, sugar, soda and salt - mix well. Add brown sugar and shortening - mix. Then add flour (and xanthan gum) - mix. Finally, add chocolate chips and mix. Set oven to 350 and bake for about 10 minutes (give or take depending on your elevation and whether or not you like crunchy or chewy cookies). ENJOY!!
  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You just said what I'd been trying to say all along (though I was too frustrated and, I'll admit, angry to get it out right). I'm glad to finally see some people....in even just a tiny little way.... agreeing with my point. I do, however, want to let you know that my original post - though correct at the time - now needs to be fixed. My manager, though I'm sure well meaning in his trying to keep me "up-to-date" with the changes, was wrong. I'm not sure what he heard and from who - about the gluten-free menu being chucked. It was, for a short time, ripped up and thrown away... and I guess it was because of inaccuracies and ingredients changing. We just recieved, along with new regular menus, new gluten-free menus. However, they still state, at the bottom in small print, that they cannot guarantee that there isn't a risk. (Not in those words...but the point is taken.) So, just because they're willing to let you know which items can be made gluten-free... doesn't mean there's no chance of you getting sick. We all know that going into the restaurant (ANY restaurant)....so I still stand by my opinion that it is pointless and wrong to complain about being glutened (especially on a corporate level).
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