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Birth Control Pills

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I was on the pill from the time I was 15-21 (I am 23 now) I think being on the mediation cased the gluten intolerance. I didn't always have a problem with dairy and wheat until I was about 18 or 19 so this is suspiscious. Has anyone ever heard of this or did this arise from stress or genetics?? I know that most birth control contains lactose. Does anyone know of any gluten free birth control and if Nuvaring is safe? I really don't want to go on the pill again but what are the options? I need some advice because my gyno isn't very helpful and I haven't found a doctor yet regarding celiac disease. I just know I get really sick when I eat food containing gluten.

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I doubt the birth control pills have gluten, but the only way to be positive is to call the manufacturer and ask. You could get your local pharmacist to help you--go to the pharmacy where you buy your birth control pills at a time when they're not that busy, and ask the pharmacist to call and ask for you.

About the Nuva ring--I use it and I LOVE it--so easy to use, and I only have to remember to put it in, then 3 weeks later take it out, and another week later put in a new one. It's worked really well for me for 3 years now.

Good luck,


Diagnosed in March 2006 by blood test and biopsy. Eleven year old son diagnosed in May 2006. Both gluten-free since diagnosis.

The Susanna (Flagstaff, AZ)

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--The legendary Bruce Dickenson

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I can't comment on whether or not birth control pills can trigger celiac or intolerance, but I can say (based on research I've seen AND the number of folks on various boards who have been diagnosed at that age) that late teens/early 20s is a common age for people to either experience their first symptoms or to relapse after sort of going into remission at the start of puberty.


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IUD. You can get the progesterone kind and stop having periods (mostly).

"But then, in all honesty, if scientists don't play god, who will?"

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