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Diabetes Risks?

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I realize that there are numerous topics on this issue, but my question doesn't necessarily pertain to the connection between Celiac and Diabetes. It's more a question of the genetic link between generations and diabetes.

My mother and father are both type 2 diabetics.

Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers on both sides are/were type 1 diabetics.

So, obviously - my children and I are at an increased risk. And until yesterday - we only had MY side of the family history as my husband is adopted.

I just learned that DH's maternal grandfather had Juvenile Diabetes.

Does this mean that my children are destined to become diabetic????

I realize that no one has the true answer to that, but did the odds just double/triple here?? I'm really pretty sad about this. I don't want my kids to have to live in that world. I have a yearly glucose test/challenge because of my parents so I'm (hopefully) doing the right things.

When my older son was ill recently - he was hypoglycemic. He also was dx with polydipsia as a toddler, a condition that "could" be a precursor to diabetes. My head hurts. =(

Jayhawkmom -

Mom of three....

Jay - 11

Bean - 8

Ian - 3

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I don't have a lot to add, unfortunately, as I am not as familiar with diabetes. I'm sure others will chime in with their knowledge, though.

However, I do remember that HLA DQ8 (one of the Celiac genes) is also considered a diabetic gene, as well (there are other diabetic 'genes', but this one stuck out for me). So that may be part of the puzzle...

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No one knows what the future holds, there was no history of diabetes (Type 1 or otherwise) til i was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 25. Then all hell has broken loose with my kids and autoimmune disease. It is what it is....it depends what trigger is needed...no one knows exactly what trigger is required.

If it does happen, you will cope and and the children will be okay. It is a tough road that I know all too well. You can't change what is destined, you can, however adjust your repsonse to whatever happens.

To be honest, yes if both Type 1 and type 2 are in the family on both sides then the only thing you can do is be educated about both diseases, know what to look for with symptoms.

Polydipsia has many causes and I have never heard of it being precurser to diabetes....it is symptom. But there is something called psychogenic polydipsia that has no relation to any disease. Once symtpoms develop ESPECIALLY with Type 1 it is only a matter of weeks or prehaps a month or two before it becomes clear the child is diabetic.

But just because it runs in the family does NOT mean the children are destined to get it.



Type 1 diabetes - 1986

hypothyroid -1993

pernicious anemia

premature atrial beats



daughter is: age 15

central hypotonia and developmental delay

balance issues (rides an adult 3 wheel bike)

hypothyroid 1996

dermatographia - a form of angioedema 2002

celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

diagnosed Aspergers at age 7 - responded very well (HUGE difference) to gluten-free diet

recovered from Kawasaki (2003)

lactose intolerant - figured out in Oct/06

Gilberts syndrome (April/07)

allergy to stinging insects

scoliosis Jan 2008

nightshade intolerance - figured out April 2008

allergy to Sulfa antibiotics

son is 13

type 1 diabetic - 2003 diagnosed on his 9th birthday

celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

lactose intolerant - figured out Nov/06

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