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More than eight months ago (when I was first discovering celiac disease), I had a severe hair dye reaction, most likely from the PPD in hair dye. Scary! The Prednisone to treat the hair dye reaction increased my appetite (I was not gluten-free yet), so I became more ill from eating more gluten. I've now been gluten-free for more than seven months; I feel so much better and have gained 20 pounds, don't have skin problems, and the list of improvements continues.......Yeah!

I've conducted patch tests with various hair dyes and reacted enough to use Dye-Free Benadryl, so I haven't dyed my hair since the reaction. I'm thinking about using henna in dark brown. Any advice or information about henna from your experiences? Also, I stay clear of food dyes (out of choice). You think that's a good idea?

Life-long symptoms- difficulty gaining weight, fatigue, constipation, large stool, gas, dry skin, sinus allergies. Doctors recommended eating larger portions. Symptoms worsened.

Symptoms lasted three months before going gluten-free- weight loss, D, extreme irritability, skin problems.

11/06 Positive bloodwork.

12/06 Started gluten-free diet.

1/07 Canceled biopsy (symptoms were gone and I was finally gaining weight- 10 pounds in six weeks).

9/07 I've gained 20 pounds. Yeah!

9/08 Youngest daughter diagnosed with Celiac Disease. (D eliminated, behavior improved, schoolwork improved.)

11/08 Two years gluten-free!

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